The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge 5499

Other News

Sadly Alex's race ended today, 16th July. He's been struggling since his fall during the fourth year, Alex.


Old Chelmsfordian Alex Dowsett lies 184th in Le Tour as at 12th July. Come  on Alex, just being there makes us proud of you, but we'd love to see you complete the whole race.


RW Bro Webb's successor is to be W Bro Rodney Bass, presently APGM and an Old Boy of the School, though not a member of our Lodge.


On 27th April the Grand Charity donated £50,000 to the Red Cross to assist in their work in Nepal, and on 1st May the Council of the Freemasons' Grand Charity set up a dedicated relief chest for donations to relief in Nepal.


The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro John Webb, is to retire at the end of August 2015.We thank him for all that he has done for Freemasonry in general, and for the Province of Essex in particular.His successor has not yet been announced. Brethren of The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge, keep yourselves available - it could be you.


Nigel Fanshawe, headmaster from 1949 to 1977, died on 2 February 2015, just hours before his 104th birthday. Those Brethren who were pupils during his time remember him with affection. His like won't be seen again.


We are sorry to learn of the death of the broadcaster, Mike Smith, an Old Boy of the School.


The Brethren of The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge are delighted that Alex Dowsett, an Old Boy of King Edward VI Grammar School, took Gold in the individual time trial at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Alex, though you're not (yet) a member of the Lodge, we're proud of you.


Tom Sherrington, Headmaster of KEGS since 2008, left the School at the end of the summer term 2014. The Brethren of The Old Chelmsfordian Lodge send Mr Sherrington their best wishes for the future, and look forward to meeting his successor.